Wood CuttingEdit

Icon Name Skill Materials Description

Wood Wood Timber5 Turns 5 Timber into 2 Wood.

Shovel Shovel

Iron Ingot1Wood3

Shovel used for digging up maps.

Front Door Front Door

Iron Ingot2Wood10

Front door for a house.

Camp Fire Camp Fire

Iron Ingot3Wood8

Campfire used when cooking in the wild.

Raft Figurine Raft Figurine

Gold1000Iron Ingot20Wood100Cloth10

A small Raft used to navigate the water.

Launch Figurine Launch Figurine

Gold4500Iron Ingot450Wood2200Cloth550

A small ship.

Crafting TailoringArmorsmithingWeaponsmithingBoywerEnchantingAlchemy
Gathering MiningLoggingHerb GatheringFishingSkinningDigging
Refining WoodcuttingSmelting

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