Weapons are made using the following Crafting skills: Melee Weapons and Siege Hammers Weaponsmithing
Bows using Bowyer
Shields Armorsmithing
Staffs and Battle Spikes using Alchemy.

Weapon typesEdit

Icon Name Description
Axes Axes One-handed axes.
Greataxes Greataxes Two-handed axes.
Clubs Clubs One-handed clubs.
Greatclubs Greatclubs Two-handed clubs.
Swords Swords One-handed swords.
Greatswords Greatswords Two-handed swords.
Polearms Polearms Two-handed polearms.
Knives Knives Dual-wielded knives.
Sithras Sithras One-handed Sithras.
Siege Hammer Icon Siege Hammers Two-handed hammer used in attacking buildings.
Archery Bows Two-handed bow used to fire Arrows.
Fire Magic Staffs Two-handed weapon used for all Magic.
Throwing Battlespikes Battle spikes used against building and siege weapons.
Parry Shields Shield used alongside one handed weapons.

Among the Weapon types there are powerful Racial Weapons which can only be crafted by the race that it belongs to.

Melee AxesGreataxesClubsGreatclubsSwordsGreatswordsPolearms
Ranged Bows
Magic Staffs
Siege Siege HammerBattlespikes

Crafting TailoringArmorsmithingWeaponsmithingBoywerEnchantingAlchemy
Gathering MiningLoggingHerb GatheringFishingSkinningDigging
Refining WoodcuttingSmelting

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