Refers to the making of clothing, robes and leather and cloth armor. The skill costs 500Gold and have no prerequisites. There are five types of Armor that can be made with Tailoring; Cloth Armor, Padded Armor, Leather Armor, Studded Armor and Bone Armor. In addition to armor, Containers, Clothing and Robes can be made.


Icon Skill Requirements Cost
Tailoring Tailoring Tailoring None 500 Gold
Trueforge Armor Trueforge Armor Trueforge Armor 40 Wisdom 250 Gold
Shadecraft Shadecraft Shadecraft 1 Tailoring
50 Wisdom
1000 Gold


Icon Armor Skill
Cloth Vest Human Cloth Vest Human Cloth Armor 1
Padded Cuirass Human Padded Cuirass Human Padded Armor 25
Leather Cuirass Human Leather Cuirass Human Leather Armor 50
Studded Cuirass Human Studded Cuirass Human Studded Armor 75
Bone Breastplate Human Bone Breastplate Human Bone Armor 100




Crafting TailoringArmorsmithingWeaponsmithingBoywerEnchantingAlchemy
Gathering MiningLoggingHerb GatheringFishingSkinningDigging
Refining WoodcuttingSmelting

Metal Armor ChainBandedScalePlateFullplateInfernalDragon
Leather Armor ClothPaddedLeatherStudded Thick HideSnow HideExarch
Bone Armor BoneGiant BoneDragon BoneDeinos Bone
Robes SimpleSturdyFineExtravagantAdeptMasterArchmage

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