Sithras are very powerful elemental weapons which need high skill in Weaponsmithing, Alchemy and Jewelsmithing. There are several different version of sithras. Sithras are the only Melee weapon without special attacks.
Since Sithras are one-handed they can be used with a Shield and while Mounted.

List of Sithras skillsEdit

Icon Name Skill Cost Description
Sithras Sithras Baseline The basic attack with Sithras.
Sithras Mastery Sithras Mastery 75 1000Gold Increases the damage of Sithras.


Combining the Blade and Fibula requires 100 Weaponsmithing Mastery

Icon Name Materials Speed Damage
Betrayer Betrayer Betrayer

Gold5000Neithal Ingot5 File:FIXMENOW.png1File:FIXMENOW.png1

0.3 0.79 Acid
Conqueror Conqueror Conqueror

Gold5000Leenspar Ingot5 File:FIXMENOW.png1File:FIXMENOW.png1

0.3 0.79 Fire
Plaguebearer Plaguebearer Plaguebearer

Gold5000Leenspar Ingot5 File:FIXMENOW.png1File:FIXMENOW.png1

0.3 0.79 Poison
Redeemer Redeemer Redeemer

Gold5000Theyril Ingot5 File:FIXMENOW.png1 File:FIXMENOW.png1

0.3 0.79 Holy
Shadebringer Shadebringer Shadebringer

Gold5000Theyril Ingot5 File:FIXMENOW.png1File:FIXMENOW.png1

0.3 0.79 Unholy
Souleater Souleater Souleater

Gold5000Selentine Ingot5 File:FIXMENOW.png1File:FIXMENOW.png1

0.3 0.79 Ice
Stormcaller Stormcaller Stormcaller

Gold5000Veilron Ingot5 File:FIXMENOW.png1File:FIXMENOW.png1

0.3 0.79 Lightning


Crafting the Blades require 100 Alchemy

Icon Name Materials
Acid Blade Acid Blade

Gold1000Leenspar Ingot1 File:FIXMENOW.png2

Fire Blade Fire Blade

Gold1000Leenspar Ingot1 File:FIXMENOW.png

Holy Blade Holy Blade

Gold1000Theyril Ingot1 File:FIXMENOW.png2

Ice Blade Ice Blade

Gold1000Leenspar Ingot1 File:FIXMENOW.png2

Lightning Blade Lightning Blade

Gold1000Leenspar Ingot1 File:FIXMENOW.png2

Poison Blade Poison Blade

Gold1000Leenspar Ingot1 File:FIXMENOW.png2

Unholy Blade Unholy Blade

Gold1000Theyril Ingot1 File:FIXMENOW.png2


Crafting the Fibulas require 100 Jewelsmithing

Icon Name Materials
Acid Fibula Acid Fibula Gold1000File:FIXMENOW.png7
Fire Fibula Fire Fibula Gold1000File:FIXMENOW.png7
Holy Fibula Holy Fibula Gold1000File:FIXMENOW.png7
Ice Fibula Ice Fibula Gold1000File:FIXMENOW.png7
Lightning Fibula Lightning Fibula Gold1000File:FIXMENOW.png7
Poison Fibula Poison Fibula Gold1000File:FIXMENOW.png7
Unholy Fibula Unholy Fibula Gold1000File:FIXMENOW.png7

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