Q & A Format.

Q: I just created a char. What should I do next.

A: Best way to get introduced to this game is by starting the quests.

Q: Where do I get the Quest?

A: Talk to all the NPCs in the game use the "use" button. Look for a particular NPC named "X the Councillor"

Q: How do accept a quest

A: From the quest tab next to "Buy", "Sell", "Quests", "Starting Weapons"

Q: Should I join a clan?

A: That is your personal preference. A clan can help you learn the game faster and help you with basic resources. It is also fun to play without any clan pressure and learn by exploring.

Q: How do I get gold/armor/weapon.

A: Kill Goblins and continue to do the starter quest. They drop both gold, weapon/armor.

Q: What are some good New Player Guides.

A: Check out the forums and these videos. DND will change a lot during InDev period so many of these might no longer be relevant.

Forum Guide

Video Guide watch all five parts.

Darkfall - Accelerated Character Development Guide - P1

Darkfall - Accelerated Character Development Guide - P1