Merchant is what most games would call the general store. It can be found in every city and almost all towns. It will, like all stores, buy anything you want to sell and will allow you to change your starting weapons for a modest fee of 20Gold

List of GoodsEdit

Icon Item Cost
File:FIXMENOW.png Shoes 4Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Simple Pants 10Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Simple Shirt 10Gold

Icon Item Cost
File:FIXMENOW.png Sack 20Gold

Icon Item Cost
File:FIXMENOW.png Cloth x 10 20Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Empty Bottle 2Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Leather x 10 40Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Wheat 4Gold

Attachable Tools
Icon Item Cost
File:FIXMENOW.png Fishing Pole 20 Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Pickaxe 20 Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Sickle 20 Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Skinner 20 Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Wood Axe 20 Gold

Crafting Tools
Icon Item Cost
File:FIXMENOW.png Alchemist's Stone 50Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Hammer 100Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Mortar and Pestle 100Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Needle and Thread 20Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Pots and pans 10Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Saw 20Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Tamer's Whistle 200Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Tongs 40Gold
File:FIXMENOW.png Woodworking Knife 40Gold

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