Mana Efficiency is a skill available in all spell schools. It requires 50 skill in the the school you want it in.

It will decrease the amount of mana your spells in the schools you have it in, depending on the skill level of Mana Efficiency in said school.
Your spells linked to Mana Efficiency will have the same skill level as your Mana Efficiency.
For the list of linked spells see Linked Spells

The effect of Mana Efficiency stacks with Mana Conservation.

Basic Lesser MagicGreater Magic
Advanced Air MagicEarth MagicFire MagicWater Magic
Spell ChantingArcane MagicWitchcraftNecromancy
Sub Skills Durable SpellsMana EfficiencyQuicken SpellsIntensify Spells
Global Skills Veteran MageMana ConservationArchmageReagent Conservation
Linked Linked Spells

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