Lesser Magic is baseline meaning that you start with the skill. It's a very important school to level up, not only does it contain the 3 Transfer Spells and Heal Self you also need 50 Lesser Magic to get access Greater Magic which in turn is required for all other spell schools.

Using any of the other schools spells will give a slight increase in Lesser Magic


Icon Skill Requirements Cost
Lesser Magic Lesser Magic Baseline Baseline


Once you hit the appropriate level in Lesser Magic you will receive the corresponding sub-skill automatically.

Icon Skill Level
File:FIXMENOW.png Durable Spells 25
File:FIXMENOW.png Mana Efficiency 50
File:FIXMENOW.png Quicken Spells 75
File:FIXMENOW.png Intensify Spells 100


Cost refers to the price to learn the spell from the Mage NPC, it's a one time fee.

Icon Skill Level Cost Regents Description

Mana Missile Mana Missile 1 Baseline None Fires a Missile that inflicts Arcane damage.
Heal Self Heal Self 1 Baseline None Caster regains a small amount of Health.
Launch Launch 1 Baseline


Fires a magical Ray that causes a burst of energy. The damage dealt is minor, but the force is strong.
Lay on Hands Lay on Hands 1 100Gold


Fires a magical Ray which its target.
Magic Shield Magic Shield 1 100Gold


Toggle Creates a magical barrier that may reduce the effects of area attacks and spells affecting the caster.
Stamina to Health Stamina to Health 10 200Gold


Caster increases his own Health, at the cost of Stamina.
Magic Ward Magic Ward 20 100Gold


Fires a magical Ray that creates a defensive barrier around its target, reduces the effects of area attacks and spells.
Mana to Stamina Mana to Stamina 20 150Gold


Caster increases his own Stamina, at the cost of Mana.
Eldrich Sphere Eldrich Sphere 25 100Gold


Fires a Missile that explodes on impact causing Arcane damage.
Health to Mana Health to Mana 30 100Gold


Caster increases his own Mana, at the cost of Health.
Mana Drain Mana Drain 40 100Gold


Fires a magical Ray which drains the target's Mana.
Heal Mount Heal Mount 50 150Gold


Fires a magical Ray that slightly replenishes a Mounts health.
Burden Burden 80 250Gold


Fires a Missile inflicting Encumbrance penalty on its target.
Blast Blast 100 250Gold


Fires a Missile inflicting Arcane damage to its target, lowering his Dexterity

Linked SpellsEdit

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Patch 2.2
Launch moved from 70 to 1 Lesser Magic.

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