You can use following methods to modify the default graphics to make the game look better.

Reshade/SweetFX. Edit

  1. Download Reshade 1.1 and install Reshade
  2. Click on Mediator.exe and follow the wizard
  3. Create a profile for darkfall and name it darkfall (it needs to point to data\darkfall.exe)
  4. Download these custom config files provided by sodapop
  5. extract to \ReShade\PersonalFiles\Presets\darkfall\

If everything is installed correct then when you click "Pipleline" on Mediator you should see following


In the setup tab make sure you ☀Press☀ "Permanent push to aplication" and you're done.

The author mentioned that

☀Important: Make sure to set ingame gamma to 1.0 as the config takes care of brightness.

Game Developers OKed the use of this mod as it does not change what can be seen so it is NOT considered a cheat. Source

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