Clubs are one-handed weapons with Bludgeoning damage. Like all weapons they can be used with Shields and while Mounted.

Weapon skillsEdit

Icon Name Skill Cost Description
Clubs Clubs Baseline The basic attack with one-handed clubs.
Clubs Mastery Mastery 75 1000Gold Increases the damage of
Power Attack Clubs Power Attack 20 500Gold
Disabling Blow Clubs Disabling Blow 30 800Gold
Knockback Clubs Knockback 40 300Gold
Whirlwind Clubs Whirlwind 50 1000Gold
Seize Clubs Seize 60 300Gold


Monster droped onlyEdit

Melee AxesGreataxesClubsGreatclubsSwordsGreatswordsPolearms
Ranged Bows
Magic Staffs
Siege Siege HammerBattlespikes

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