Weapon SkillsEdit

Icon Name Skill Cost Description
Throwing Throwing Baseline Lobs a Battlespike which explodes upon impact.


Light Battlespikes have the lowest DPS but the highest damage per kg. It takes about 100 Light Battlespikes to capture a Village.
Normal Battlespikes have a bit higher DPS then light, but less then heavy, they are average damage per kg. It takes about ??? Battlespikes to capture a Village.
Heavy Battlespikes have the highest DPS, but also the lowest damage per kg. It takes about ??? Heavy Battlespikes to capture a Village.
Weight is relevant since you need many with you to get capture Villages, destroy Walls and Buildings or Siege Stones.

Icon Name Skill Materials Weight Damage
Light Battlespike Light Battlespike 25 File:FIXMENOW.png1File:FIXMENOW.png1 0.5 kg 15
BattleSpike Medium Battlespike 50 File:FIXMENOW.png1File:FIXMENOW.png2 1.0 kg
Heavy Battlespike Heavy Battlespike 75 File:FIXMENOW.png2File:FIXMENOW.png2 2.0 kg

Melee AxesGreataxesClubsGreatclubsSwordsGreatswordsPolearms
Ranged Bows
Magic Staffs
Siege Siege HammerBattlespikes

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