Base Attributes increases many of areas of your character.


Name Description
Strength Strength increases your damage with Melee Weapons as well as increasing your Health by a moderate amount.
Vitality Vitality increases your Health by a large amount and your Stamina by a moderat amount.
Dexterity Increases your damage with Archery, your [Stamina]] and gives you a chance to reduce the damage taken from AoE effects.
Quickness Increases your attack speed with Melee and Archery and gives you a chance to take less damage from such attacks.
Intelligence Increases the Magnitude of spells and greatly increases your Mana. Also provides resistance vs mental attacks.
Wisdom Gives you a higher rate of success with all Crafting and gathering skills as well as providing a small amount of Mana.

Ways to increase your attributesEdit

Name How
Strength Fighting with Melee Weapons, Mining

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