Archery is the skill the allows you to attack on range using Bows. It requires the ammunition Arrows.

The damage of Archery is determined by you Dexterity and some of the skills listed below.

Icon Skill Requirement Cost Description
Archery Archery Baseline Basic attack using bow and arrow
Veteran Archer Veteran Archer 50 250Gold Reduces the Stamina cost of Archery.
Sharpshooter Sharopshooter 75 1000Gold Increases Archery damage.
Spirted Archer Spirited Archer 75 500Gold Increases the attack speed with bow and arrow.
Disabling Shot Disabling Shot 50 800Gold Renders the target unable to block or parry for a short amount of time.

Weapon SkillsEdit

Icon Name Skill Cost Description
Archery Archery Archery Baseline The basic attack with Archery.
File:Archery Mastery.png Archery Mastery Archery Mastery 75 1000Gold Increases the damage of Archery.

Icon Name Skill Cost Description
File:Power Attack Archery.png Power Attack Archery Power Attack 20 500Gold A powerful attack that
File:Disabling Blow Archery.png Disabling Blow Archery Disabling Blow 30 800Gold An attack rendering your targets unable to parrry for a short time.
File:Knockback Archery.png Knockback Archery Knockback 40 300Gold An attack that pushes the target away from you.
File:Whirlwind Archery.png Whirlwind Archery Whirlwind 50 1000Gold A 360° spin attack that hits everyone around you.
File:Seize Archery.png Seize Archery Seize 60 300Gold An attack that pulls your target towards you.