Arcane Magic have a lot of buffs for your allies and ways to control the battlefield defensively as well as a few damage spells.


Icon Skill Requirements Cost
Arcane Magic Arcane Magic 50 Lesser Magic
50Greater Magic


Once you hit the appropriate level in Arcane Magic you will receive the corresponding sub-skill automatically.

Icon Skill Level
File:FIXMENOW.png Durable Spells 25
File:FIXMENOW.png Mana Efficiency 50
File:FIXMENOW.png Quicken Spells 75
File:FIXMENOW.png Intensify Spells 100


Cost refers to the price to learn the spell from the Mage NPC, it's a one time fee.

Icon Skill Level Cost Regents Description
Mystic Shield Mystic Shield 1 500Gold


Gives the caster increased protection against Mental attacks.
Sacred Missle Sacred Missle 1 500Gold


Lauches a projectile causing Holy damage against its target.
Holy Shield Holy Shield 10 600Gold


Grants the caster increased protection against Holy damage.
Lend Mana Lend Mana 20 600Gold


Aim at a target to transfer part of your Mana pool.
Mystic Ward Mystic Ward 30 600Gold
Holy Weakness Holy Weakness 40 700Gold


Launches a missile inflicting a penalty to its target's Holy protection.
Wall of Force Wall of Force 50 700Gold


Creates a Wall of Force that inhibits movement.
Flames of Vengeance Flames of Vengeance 60 700Gold


A magical ray which brings forth an inferno of holy flames.
Spell Immunity Spell Immunity 70 800Gold


Increases the caster's probability of resisting certain spells.
Holy Ward Holy Ward 80 800Gold


Aim at a target to grant protection against Holy damage.
Virtuous Wrath Virtuous Wrath 90 1000Gold


Launches a projectile that explodes upon impact causing Holy damage.
Reflect Spell Reflect Spell 100 1000Gold


Causes the next offensive spell targeted on the caster to be reflected back to its source.

Linked SpellsEdit

For linked spells see Linked Spells


Patch 2.2 Changed the requirements from 75 Spell Chanting to 50 Greater Magic.
Patch 2.2 Moved Hasten Spells from 1 Arcane to 80 Greater Magic.

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