Patch 2.1Edit

Step two of performance upgrades:
In an MMO like Darkfall, what costs a lot to the client isn't only processing but also blocking operations.

  • For example:
  • Loading assets from the disk.
  • Allocating memory.
  • Handling network packets.

Unlike other resource intensive operations, the issue with blocking ones is that the cpu waits on completion and is not used at its full capacity.
What we will be pushing in this patch are deep framework changes that should not only improve performances, but are the foundation of future enhancement.

Parallelization of loading assets contained in the archives:
We are testing this framework change by loading some mandatory assets parallelly during loading screens before using it for loading everything.
As a consequence, it will slightly reduce the loading screen duration when launching the game, and in the future, it will allow a significantly faster loading screen, a reduced load lag, and a smoother experience (less FPS drops).
This is more of a stability test, to see how it behaves on the variety of hardware players are using.

Allocating core common objects only once:
On average, these common objects were the source of 300 memory allocation every 170ms. We will now allocate them only once and then re-use them when needed.
As a consequence it should make siege and large scale pvp smoother: you should have a bit more average fps.

Anti Griefing and alignment:

  • Party and clan members cannot kill/gank without losing alignment. (forgiving a kill will prevent alignment loss)
  • Changed the chat font to make capital i distinct from lower case L.
  • Party, trade, and clan invitation now share a cool down to reduce spam.
  • All Fighter and Mage NPCs now behave like capital city NPCs. This includes starter cities and chaos cities.

Bug fixes:

  • Persistent files should now corrupt less often.
  • Stamina drain on jump is now adapted to character progression level rather than balanced around maxed out characters.
  • Double jump now only takes horizontal velocity into account when calculating itsStamina drain.
  • Fixed a bug where quest rewards did not start regenerating over time for some characters.

Patch Notes

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